The Reluctant Reader

Maybe Later
“Does it matter that they got
everything up and running after the EMP attack? That they’re operating right underneath the
mothership, gathering up survivors, killing infesteds and burning their bodies by the hundreds, arming
and training us and sending us out to kill the rest? Tell me that those things don’t matter. Tell me the
odds are insignificant that they aren’t really them. Tell me what possibility I should bet my life on.”


To Read or Not to Read, That is the Question...

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

I've Been having these weird thoughts lately, like should I go back and read Twilight or not. It's been about five years since I've read it and the line between the book that I loved and those crappy movies is starting to blur. But should I read it no and go through the long will they or won't they relationship? (I just said will they or won't they just because, thier relationship is much more complex *wink wink*) 

I probably will.

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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey
"A moment comes in war when the last line must be crossed. The line that separates what you hold
dear from what total war demands. If he couldn't cross that line, the battle was over, and he was lost.
His heart, the war.
Her face, the battlefield.
With a cry only he could hear, the hunter turned.
And ran."

- The Silencer

Book Review of Divergent